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Preparing a cake tin for baking a rich fruit cake
25 Nov 2014 - Anneka Manning
I was taught this method many years ago by CWA judge Norma Allen. It is far quicker than using multiple layers of brown paper and...
Top 10 Safety Tips for Kids in the Kitchen
24 Nov 2014 - Anneka Manning
Getting your kids into the kitchen really is so much fun, but ensuring they stay safe is crucial. Here are my top 10 safety tips...
Top 5 Tips for Easy Entertaining
13 Nov 2014 - Anneka Manning
Feeling the familiar sense of panic over the impending festive period, particularly around the need to impress friends and family when entertaining? Well this year...
How to avoid the 'nasties' when packing your kids' lunch boxes
17 Oct 2014 - Anneka Manning
What did you put in your kids' lunch boxes today? Did you find it hard to fill them with yummy, but healthy, snacks? Believe me, I know how...
Top 5 Tips for Making Great Pastry
30 Jun 2014 - Anneka Manning
Are you a little frightened of making your own pastry? Do you feel is just too hard, tricky or time consuming – especially when it...
Gifts From the Heart (and Your Kitchen)
23 Dec 2013 - Anneka Manning
I don’t have to remind you there are only 2 days until Christmas... But, if you still haven’t found those 'gifts with love', don’t worry, there...
Kids in the Kitchen
19 Sep 2013 - Anneka Manning
When we bake we
 see, we smell, we taste, we hear and we feel – it engages all ofour five senses.  This unique quality is...
Rule No 1: Read Your Recipe First
25 Jul 2013 - Anneka Manning
The first, and possibly the most important, thing to do before you start to bake is to read through your recipe. It isn’t hard, it...