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Preparing a cake tin for baking a rich fruit cake

Preparing a cake tin for baking a rich fruit cake

25 Nov 2014 - Anneka Manning

I was taught this method many years ago by CWA judge Norma Allen. It is far quicker than using multiple layers of brown paper and will effectively protect your cake during the long, slow baking - the aim being to stop the outside from browning too much before the centre of the cake is cooked.

  1. Grease the cake pan and line the base and side with baking paper, allowing the paper to reach about 5cm (2in) above the top of the pan.

  2. Lay 4 sheets of newspaper on top of one another. Fold the paper lengthways into thirds (you will end up with a 12-layer strip of paper). Repeat with another 4 sheets of newspaper. Wrap one of the newspaper strips around the outside of the pan, then wrap the other strip around the other side so the whole tin is covered. Keep them in place with ovenproof sticky tape and secure firmly with several rounds of kitchen string, tied tightly. 

  3. Place an old magazine (average thickness) on a baking tray and sit the lined pan on top ready for baking.