About BakeClub


BakeClub brings real baking into your home.

We will inspire you with deliciously simple recipes that are relevant to your life, while giving you the know-how and skill to bake with confidence and success.

BakeClub is a baking school based in Rosebery, Sydney. Run by owner and founder Anneka Manning, who has over 27 years of experience as an author, food editor, consultant, teacher and publisher, it is a cooking school with a difference.

BakeClub teaches the principles of baking in practical and approachable yet inspiring ways. We specialise in teaching not only the "how" but also the "why" of baking – this means that you get to explore the science of baking, in turn giving you the knowledge for success every time you turn on your oven.

Tried-and-true techniques, failsafe recipes, clever tips and a love of baking is what you will find at BakeClub. You will not only learn the basics, but also master the trickier aspects of baking. You will gain the confidence and skill to bake brilliantly.

BakeClub gives you access to:

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We truly believe that: Baking is Love Made Edible.