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How to avoid the 'nasties' when packing your kids' lunch boxes
17 Oct 2014 - Anneka Manning
What did you put in your kids' lunch boxes today? Did you find it hard to fill them with yummy, but healthy, snacks? Believe me, I know how...
Top 5 Tips for Making Great Pastry
30 Jun 2014 - Anneka Manning
Are you a little frightened of making your own pastry? Do you feel is just too hard, tricky or time consuming – especially when it...
Gifts From the Heart (and Your Kitchen)
23 Dec 2013 - Anneka Manning
I don’t have to remind you there are only 2 days until Christmas... But, if you still haven’t found those 'gifts with love', don’t worry, there...
Kids in the Kitchen
19 Sep 2013 - Anneka Manning
When we bake we
 see, we smell, we taste, we hear and we feel – it engages all ofour five senses.  This unique quality is...
Rule No 1: Read Your Recipe First
25 Jul 2013 - Anneka Manning
The first, and possibly the most important, thing to do before you start to bake is to read through your recipe. It isn’t hard, it...