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Portuguese Custard Tart Making Secrets
12 Apr 2022 - BakeClub Team
Did you know that a super-hot oven is essential in making Portuguese Custard Tarts? Here are the 5 secrets you need to know when making these delicious pastries.
How to Whisk Egg Whites
12 Apr 2021 - Anneka Manning
It never ceases to amaze me the transformation that egg whites go through when a whisk is let loose on them. From a translucent, thick...
Do You Have Time To Bake?
15 Mar 2021 - Anneka Manning
Did you know that the most common reason for homecooks not to bake as much as they would like to is the lack of time?
Here are 5 really simple tips to help you become more efficient in the kitchen and to save you time so you can bake more often!
Getting to Know Your Oven
23 Nov 2020 - Anneka Manning
Ovens, a key requirement for baking, can vary enormously in accuracy and usability from one to the next. On top of this, home cooks quite often don’t know how to get the most from their oven when baking...
How to Make Great Scones
21 Oct 2020 - Anneka Manning

Scones are what I turn to when time is short and I want to bake something nostalgic and soul-warming. Scones have a reputation for being tricky to make, but in reality they are actually fast and simple, especially when you keep a few things in mind when making them.

All About Butter
15 Jun 2020 - Anneka Manning

From providing richness, flavour and colour to giving tenderness and that divine ‘melt-in-the-mouth’ texture, butter forms the cornerstone to many baking recipes. 

Here I answer some of the most common questions about butter when used in baking...

All About Eggs (in Baking)
12 Jun 2020 - Anneka Manning
Eggs are one of the most important ingredients when it comes to baking. They provide structure, texture and richness through to binding, giving flavour and providing a golden glaze for breads and pastries. Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about eggs.
Top Time-Saving Kitchen Tools
12 Jun 2020 - Anneka Manning

Having a carefully selected collection of kitchen tools and appliances will save you a surprising amount of time when you bake. Here are my top five picks that will help ensure that you use your time in the kitchen most efficiently.

Why Baking Can Relieve Your Anxiety
18 Mar 2020 - Anneka Manning
There is no doubt that we have found ourselves in extraordinary times. And it’s not unusual to feel unsettled, unsure and a bit anxious about what is going on at the moment with COVID-19 affecting all aspects of our daily lives and thoughts.
Top Tips for Healthy Kids' Lunch Boxes
31 Jan 2020 - Anneka Manning
Whilst it can often seem such a chore to pack healthy but tasty options for your kids' lunch boxes, it doesn’t have to be that...
Mix It Up!
21 Aug 2019 - Anneka Manning
When you bake you spend a good portion of time mixing...
So it makes good sense to know a little about your mixing tools so you can choose wisely and know why they are used for different tasks.
Here are my top five mixing tools and how best to use them.
7 Things I discovered (and loved) while in Vietnam
08 Mar 2019 - Anneka Manning
Vietnam is a colourful and chaotic, yet gentle and incredibly hospitable country. When I visited in February 2019 this is just seven of the things (some foodie, some not-so-foodie) that I discovered and LOVED!