What our students say about learning from Anneka...

I thought the course was excellent - loved every minute of it! Getting to ask Anneka questions was very helpful and she has so much knowledge to share ... and explains everything clearly. She’s generous and wants you to get the most out of the class. It’s a wonderful combination of learning and fun done in a friendly yet organised way ... I got so much out of the class. I wouldn’t change anything.

Kristin, Sydney

Anneka, I love learning from your vast experience. I absolutely trust your knowledge and advice. You [do] all the hard work for us, testing all the recipes and perfecting things and this means we don’t waste our time, money and ingredients trying to come up with what works best ... When you teach us and share your knowledge it is just easier and it feels like being given the inside knowledge that isn’t explained in [books and on websites].

Vanessa, South Australia

Anneka Manning is amazing. I admire her skills and abilities, but mostly admire that she is genuinely a good, kind, caring person that wants to help everyone and anyone become a better cook. It's not all about Anneka showing off or trying to woo you with fancy, over the top recipes. Anneka's recipes are genuine, wholesome, appealing and are recipes that you know you will continue to cook, over and over and over again without any hesitation. Anneka will encourage you, help you and you will learn so very much - no doubts at all!

Dora, Sydney

What our students say about our online courses...

Getting to watch Anneka bake and being able to do it with her was incredible. I liked the way Anneka didn't rush through the class and it was a very relaxed atmosphere and she was so patient. A very enjoyable course ... where you can bake along, ask questions and learn so much. And you can watch the class again if you need to. I loved every minute. It was the best experience I've had in a long time.

Hazel, VIC

Baking along live with Anneka has changed the way I feel about baking. I had given up on finding joy doing this and now I feel like I'm going to have fun creating cakes. Having Anneka on hand and live was just amazing. There are so many tips and tricks that even experienced bakers will learn something new. I absolutely loved the course.

Rebecca, Auckland

I must admit to initially having some doubts about the online classes. How can you possibly get the most out of remote learning when baking/cooking is involved? I was so wrong! The online classes allow me the luxury of not having to travel and I can be in the comfort of my own kitchen, with all the familiarity that it brings with it, especially when baking – oven settings, appliances, etc.

Mary, NSW

What our students say about learning the "why" behind the "how"...

Such clear, expansive guidelines and well thought out methods encourage you to give it a try. You are not left thinking which way should I proceed? I particularly like the “Why” explanations. It is clear that the material is well researched and presented in a manner which is clear to a first-time baker as well as one with more experience.

Jenny, WA

I’ve always found Anneka really good at explaining the why in a way I understand, and in a way that equips me to be able to resolve issues myself in the future. Once again, Anneka did not disappoint - it’s a great, easy to follow session that’s perfect for all experience levels! It was fantastic and everything I hoped for!

Megan, ACT

What our students say about gaining baking confidence...

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your French Pâtissiere class. I learned so much and cannot wait to get into the kitchen to give it a go with my oven! I particularly enjoyed the science explanations and technical bits as this explained why things are done in a certain way. Having been rather scared of pâtissiere in the past, feeling that my skills were not really good enough, it has given me oodles of confidence to give it a go on my own and I shall definitely make sure I use all of the tips you gave us to avoid the pitfalls.

Helen, Sydney

I am so pleased I signed up to this course [Baking Foundations] - it has given me pleasure and confidence and I have "met" some other interesting bakers. The information was so clearly presented and easy to access ... Even if you are already a good baker, there is a lot you can learn from this course. I also appreciated the support from Anneka as well as her answers and comments in the Facebook group. I have learnt so much more than I imagined I would. Thank you.

Ann, South Australia