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True confessions of a sourdough tragic

True confessions of a sourdough tragic

15 Sep 2017 - Anneka Manning

I confess. I am a sourdough tragic. I am obsessed with creating the ultimate sourdough, and I have devoted years to reading endless articles and books on the subject, collecting tips, exploring different methods, experimenting with different recipes and adapting my own.

Oh, and sampling the goods, of course. That’s a very important part of the process.

As with all baking, the magic is in the chemistry – which means, of course, it isn’t really magic at all. But chemistry can sometimes seem daunting.

Fear not, however, because I am going to share the fruits of my years of experience, research and observations in this practical guide to making sourdough starters and breads that follows.

The method I have outlined is logical and simplified, but before you reach fearlessly for the flour, read through the entire process and the extra tips to appreciate the whole picture. You’ll soon realise that while sourdough baking isn’t particularly difficult, a little patience and focus on the details of the task will guarantee amazing results in your home kitchen.

Whatever you do, please don’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of information I’ve given you – it’s here to guide you and cover all bases. The best way to learn how to make good sourdough is by simply doing it. And when you have found your sourdough ‘feet’ and are feeling confident, start pushing the boundaries and making slight adjustments to suit the way you would like to make your bread. The beauty of sourdough is that every loaf you make will be different. And this uniquely created bread with its own special character, its own complex flavour and its own distinct texture is worthy of every moment of pure adoration and obsession you devote to it. Welcome to my sourdough world, where it’s impossible to bite off more than you’d ever want to chew!

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Photography by Alan Benson.