My Make Me a Baker Diary

More than just the basics: reflections from Modules 1 & 2

More than just the basics: reflections from Modules 1 & 2

21 May 2018 - BakeClub Team

My Make Me a Baker Diary

by Hannah Scott

After many months of anticipation, the day finally came to set foot in the BakeClub kitchen to officially start my Make Me a Baker journey. I was both nervous and excited, not knowing exactly what to expect, but the nerves quickly disappeared as Anneka handed us our aprons and I realised that the journey had officially started.

After spending a little time getting to know my fellow students, Anneka took us through session one, baking basics, before we broke into small groups to put session two, simple mixing methods, into practice, and bake a pretty impressive afternoon tea spread while we were at it.

Just one of the delicious creations made by MMAB7 students.  

While I walked away from the first face to face session with lots of new tips and tricks, I found that it wasn’t until I applied this new knowledge to the baking projects at home when the real ah-huh moments happened.

My top two “aha” moments:

  • An actual standard teaspoon measurement (5ml) is quite a bit more than the teaspoon I’d been using to measure at home. It’s no wonder why the rise on some of my previous bakes hadn’t always been as it should! 
  • The electronic measuring scales are my new favourite kitchen tool. I haven’t used ‘cup’ measurements for weeks, and my measurements have been far more accurate!

For each of my ‘homework’ recipes (yeah, the best kind of homework!), I made a conscious effort to spend a little extra time to line my baking tins with the techniques we learned in class, measure out my ingredients exactly (as Anneka had encouraged us), and properly preheat my oven (as I now know I should!).  The results (cue jam doughnuts) were definitely worth it! 

These Lamingtons use the ‘Measure & Beat’ method.

While my usual baking style is more on the rustic side, I’m looking forward to getting a little more precise in my baking abilities through Make Me a Baker. What I’ve already learnt through the first two sessions has definitely put me on the right path – I can’t wait to find out what else is in store!

Until next month! X


Hannah Scott (aka @thefoodstoryteller) won a scholarship to BakeClub's Make Me a Baker program thanks to SBS Food. Her rustic approach to baking is partly to thank for winning her the top spot in the competition. Stay tuned to Instagram and the blog to follow her Make Me a Baker journey over the next 6 months! In the meantime, click here to get to know a little more about her. 

To find out more about how you can be part of a future Make Me a Baker program, click here.