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Why did my cake crack?
29 Apr 2024 - Anneka Manning

It’s quite normal for cakes to rise slightly, but if a cake ‘domes’ in the centre and/or cracks, it could be due to one or a combination of reasons.

How to Make Great Scones
21 Oct 2020 - Anneka Manning

Scones are what I turn to when time is short and I want to bake something nostalgic and soul-warming. Scones have a reputation for being tricky to make, but in reality they are actually fast and simple, especially when you keep a few things in mind when making them.

Why Baking Can Relieve Your Anxiety
18 Mar 2020 - Anneka Manning
There is no doubt that we have found ourselves in extraordinary times. And it’s not unusual to feel unsettled, unsure and a bit anxious about what is going on at the moment with COVID-19 affecting all aspects of our daily lives and thoughts.
Top 5 Tips for Making Great Anzac Biscuits
24 Apr 2018 - Anneka Manning
There is nothing quite like a good homemade Anzac biscuit. By simply baking and sharing a batch, it's a great way of honouring our troops both past and...
The difference between bicarbonate of soda and baking powder
12 Apr 2018 - Anneka Manning
Both baking powder and bicarbonate of soda are known as chemical leavening or raising agents (yeast is also a raising agent but it is a...
Six Ways To Choose A New Recipe
16 Mar 2018 - Anneka Manning
Do you sometimes find it hard to choose a recipe, especially when you want to bake? I’m going to help make this decision easy for you. It isn’t a tricky process, just a bunch of questions – questions that will help you choose a recipe that is right for you.
The Pros and Cons of Silicone Bakeware
09 Mar 2018 - Anneka Manning
Silicone bakeware is still a little mysterious to many home cooks. Many of us regularly use silicone spatulas and other kitchen utensils but when it...
What makes a good recipe?
26 Oct 2017 - Anneka Manning
Using a bad recipe is a mistake often made by home cooks. Once you know how to spot the difference between a good and bad...
Simplicity - the key to baking success?
18 Oct 2017 - Anneka Manning
We all want to impress. We want to bake something fabulous, something that everybody will love. However, fabulous doesn’t have to mean complicated. Choosing a simple recipe is sometimes the key to achieving success in the kitchen.
Why you need to preheat your oven
09 Oct 2017 - Anneka Manning
When teaching people to bake I often get asked “is it really that important to preheat your oven?” The simple answer is YES! Preheating your...
What is the secret to a good cupcake?
08 May 2015 - Anneka Manning
Q: I love to cook and bake, but I never have very good results with cupcakes. The smaller I make them (for the grandchildren), the drier they...
Rule No 1: Read Your Recipe First
25 Jul 2013 - Anneka Manning
The first, and possibly the most important, thing to do before you start to bake is to read through your recipe. It isn’t hard, it...