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Why Baking Can Relieve Your Anxiety

Why Baking Can Relieve Your Anxiety

18 Mar 2020 - Anneka Manning

There is no doubt that we have found ourselves in extraordinary times. And it’s not unusual to feel unsettled, unsure and a bit anxious about what is going on at the moment with COVID-19 affecting all aspects of our daily lives and thoughts.

In times like these, it's important to be aware of and focused on our wellbeing ­ – both physically and mentally. So, there has never been a better time to bake than right now. Baking is the perfect way to soothe your anxieties, be creative and feel connected during times such as these – all in the comfort of your own (self-isolated) kitchen!

Baking really can be a magic potion during times like this with so many benefits that reach far beyond the deliciousness that it creates:

  • It is a mindful activity. When you bake you need to be present and fully engaged. It absorbs your focus and calms, grounds, relaxes and helps disconnect you from your daily worries.
  • It provides an escape, as you focus on the careful measuring of ingredients (and possibly creative choosing in these times!), enjoy the rhythmical motion of kneading a dough, notice the tactile feel of rubbing butter into a pastry dough, and inhaling the aroma that fills your kitchen of a freshly baked apple cake.
  • Baking provides structure and some much-needed order in these times. Recipes are simply a logical process to follow (with creative input welcome of course!) that give you a sense of order when the world around us seems somewhat confusing and out of control.
  • Baking is a multisensory experience, that draws on and stimulates all of your five senses as you mix, knead, whisk, roll and taste and connecting you with the recipe and the stories it holds.
  • Baking from scratch and creating something wonderful with your hands from a bunch of simple basic ingredients provides a sense of achievement and mental balance, especially if you don’t work with your hands on a daily basis.
  • Baking provides an outlet for your creativity – especially when supermarket shelves are running low on particular ingredients!
  • Baking for others (an elderly neighbour, a friend or family member) is a heart-felt way to show your love and care – something that will be returned generously in appreciation, respect and compliments.
  • Baking is low-cost and accessible to everyone with an oven.

    So now is the best time to learn a new skill or nurture an old hobby. But remember, choose recipes to bake that feel right to you and won’t add to your stress, and allow yourself enough time to enjoy the process fully.

    And don’t forget that freezer-friendly bakes are perfect for this time of ‘social distancing’ so you can stock up and share at a later date… or have something yummy on hand to enjoy with mid-morning break while working from home!

    Together let’s bake this world a better place!