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Winter Baking Series: Cate Tibbertsma

Winter Baking Series: Cate Tibbertsma

18 Jun 2024 - BakeClub Team

This week we’re meeting Cate Tibbertsma, a talented baker and member of our BakeClub & Co. membership.

Based in Sydney, Cate bakes for her family and friends with the love and generosity we see so often in our beautiful community. She has been a keen baker all her life and in 2018, after a bike accident, this love of baking played a key therapeutic role in her recovery. And so her baking side business CatesBakes was born. Cate is also an alumni of our Make Me a Baker program.

Thank you Cate for sharing what you are baking and loving this season.

Q: What's something you'll be baking on repeat this month? 
A: I’ll be trying a few different scone recipes.

Q: Bread or cake?
A: Both! my sourdough bread for breakfast and cake any time of the day!

Q: The cookbook you're using most at the moment?  
A: Anneka Manning's BakeClass - the scones recipe is always open. I was in Ireland last year and the trip turned into a bit of a 'scone odyssey' so I'm also re-visiting those delicious memories through the little cookbooks that I picked up in my travels.

Q: It's a cold Sunday morning and you've got friends coming round for morning tea; what do you bake? 
A: Spiced pumpkin and date scones with some sticky caramel and good butter; I would also do a traditional plain scone with jam and cream. A savoury galette and a good cheddar to please all palates would only be polite, and I'd send them home with a few of my sourdough cookies to enjoy with a cuppa later.

Q: Tell us one thing you love about being a part of our BakeClub & Co. membership? 
A: I love the access to knowledge that being a member provides. There is also endless inspiration to be found, and the community it forms with other bakers is priceless.