My Make Me a Baker Diary

Baking thoughts, techniques and know-how

Baking my way: Reflections and final thoughts on my Make Me a Baker journey
08 Oct 2018 - Anneka Manning
There’s being able to bake, and then there’s knowing how to bake, and Make Me a Baker has shown me that. Read what I've learned from my experience, along with some of my top tips when baking to impress. By Hannah Scott
Rising Tales: Reflections from modules 9 & 10
18 Sep 2018 - Anneka Manning
One of the things I love most about food (besides the obvious) is that every dish tells a story. By Hannah Scott.
Practice makes perfect pastry : Reflections from Modules 7 & 8
20 Aug 2018 - Anneka Manning
This month in Make Me a Baker we covered everything from whisking techniques, to how to make the most divine buttery puff pastry from scratch. By Hannah Scott