BakeClub & Co.

Join the 'inner circle' of BakeClub

BakeClub & Co., BakeClub's exciting new membership, brings together a worldwide community of like-minded bakers and will provide you with baking inspiration and exclusive content, personal guidance and fun, and ultimately make successful baking more accessible to you

So what's BakeClub & Co. all about?

What do I get each month?
Every month, you will get a new and exclusive recipe (accompanied by a video) to inspire you, as well as tips and tricks relating to that month's topic. There will be a live technique masterclass to guide you and up your baking skills, as well as a live Q&A session with Anneka to round off the month where you can ask any questions related to that month's topic (and have them answered!)

I'm so excited. Love the world of baking which continues to puzzle and delight; love how precise it is and how the end product is so appreciated; love how it makes me slow down and how much I enjoy the process. Here's cheers to a year of learning.

Vicki, BakeClub & Co. member

What are the benefits of being a member?
  • A vast library of recipes tips, blogs, eBooks, and videos 
  • Regular new and exclusive fail-safe recipes accompanied by videos to guide and inspire you
  • Monthly online technique masterclasses to up your baking skills and give you the confidence to tackle all those recipes you’ve been too scared to attempt until now (you’ll also get a video recording to rewatch whenever you want!)
  • Monthly online Q&A sessions with Anneka to ask any burning baking questions you want so you can resolve any bake fails and understand why certain methods, ingredients and utensils are used in particular recipes
  • Free access to a selection of BakeClub's self-paced online courses and 50% off new and guided online courses
  • Members-only chat forum to ask (more!) questions, share your baking and generally hang out with others who also love to bake
  • Special perks, offers and discounts including 25% off KitchenAid appliances 

What does it cost?
For less than the cost of 5 takeaway coffees a month (or 4 pastries but honestly, you won't need to buy them if you join BakeClub & Co.!), you can experience this vibrant and valuable membership by being part of a community of passionate bakers and ultimately learn, connect and share through your baking.
Monthly subscription: AU$29.99 per month
Annual subscription: AU$288.00 per year (save 20%!)

So, what are you waiting for?!