Storing your baking

Storing your baking

16 Sep 2019 - Anneka Manning

Q: It is often suggested to store baked goods in airtight containers. Are all airtight containers the same? Also, should I store my baking in the fridge or at room temperature?

A: If containers are good-quality and airtight it doesn’t matter what they are made from – glass, metal or plastic will all be equally effective in storing your baking, it just depends on which you would prefer to use. The key is the lid - it needs to be firm, so it seals effectively. If it isn’t (which is often the case with old containers), placing a piece of paper towel or baking paper over the container before putting the lid on will help seal it firmly and make it more airtight. Plastic containers with rounded corners will be far more airtight than those with right-angled corners (although you don't see many of these anymore). I always say to buy the best quality containers you can afford as they will last far longer and the seal will generally be better quality.

Regarding refrigerating your bakes, I don't recommend it unless the bake contains a fresh perishable ingredient such as a cream filling. The reason for this is that a bake will stale more quickly when stored at low temperatures – the starches in the bake will crystallise more rapidly which is the main cause of staling. It is particularly relevant for high-starch bakes such as bread, scones and sponges.