BakeClub and Anneka Manning in the Media

Recipe Feature: Vanilla Cake with Passionfruit Buttercream
08 Jun 2017 - BakeClub Team
There is nothing quite like a simple vanilla cake. This Vanilla Cake with Passionfruit Buttercream recipe from Anneka's book BakeClass was featured on The Carousel.
Article: Good Food
07 Jun 2017 - BakeClub Team
Nothing captures the spirit of home baking more than a classic sponge! This article highlights Anneka's top tips for making the perfect sponge along with her recipe for a Passionfruit Syrup Sponge Cake.
Article: Bake from Scratch
18 May 2017 - BakeClub Team
Anneka's book BakeClass has been featured in the American publication Bake from Scratch, who describes the book as giving "a new meaning to required reading".
Interview: Radio 2GB
12 Apr 2017 - BakeClub Team
Anneka chatted to Kate White and Julian King on the Weddings, Parties, Celebrations show about all things BakeClub and delved into the traditions behind Easter baking.
Feature: Growing up with Queen
29 Mar 2017 - BakeClub Team
To celebrate 120 years of Queen Fine Foods, Anneka takes a trip down memory lane and recalls her memories of baking with Queen essences, flavourings and vibrant food colourings in her family kitchen.
Recipe Feature: Dried Cherry & Chocolate Hot Cross Bun
24 Mar 2017 - BakeClub Team
Anneka Manning's Dried Cherry & Chocolate Hot Cross Buns recipe from BakeClass, is featured in The New Zealand Herald - just in time for Easter! Click here for...
Review: Daily Addict's three best cooking schools in Sydney
01 Nov 2016 - BakeClub Team
Anneka Manning's BakeClub is in great company, with Vive Cooking School and Salts Meats Cheese, all being included in Daily Addict's "Guide to the Three Best Cooking...
Recipe Feature & Review: WYZA
27 Oct 2016 - BakeClub Team
Anneka Manning's latest book, BakeClass, has been featured on the WYZA website, including her delicious recipe for Lemon and Blueberry Cheesecake. Click here for the recipe.  
Interview: Bizzy Lizzy's Good Things
22 Sep 2016 - BakeClub Team
Anneka Manning was recently interviewed by Lizzy, the writer, cook and traveller of Bizzy Lizzy's Good Things. She shared about her latest book BakeClass, her philosophy on baking ('baking is...
Recipe Feature: Zucchini, Parmesan & Basil Muffins
01 Aug 2016 - BakeClub Team
As part of Healthy Bones Action Week, Anneka Manning's recipe for Zucchini, Parmesan & Basil Muffins from her latest book, BakeClass, was featured in the Fit, Fab and...
Live Demo: The Morning Show (Channel 7)
04 Jul 2016 - BakeClub Team
Anneka Manning loved being back on The Morning Show with Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur on Channel 7 (4 July 2016). She showed them how to make the...
Interview: Dent. The Podcast
18 Jun 2016 - BakeClub Team
Anneka had the pleasure of chatting with Glen Carlson from Dent. The Podcast recently – from baking to business and everything in-between.  If you would...