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Éclairs is a self-paced online course which will cover the ins and outs of making éclairs, from perfect choux pastry to stunning decorations.


You will bake the most delicious eclairs you’ve ever had – in your own home!

Jessica, Sydney

Learn to create stunning classic éclairs – in your own time!

Éclairs is an online course where you will learn everything you need to know to make to-die-for éclairs – in your own time, at your own pace – all from your own home kitchen!

Made up of a combination of demonstration videos, printable recipes and invaluable resources that you can study at your own pace, this fun and accessible course will cover all things éclairs from perfect choux pastry and luscious fillings, to stunning glazes and decorations. Not only will you learn how to bake three gorgeous base recipes, but also included is a comprehensive guide to different flavour combinations which will have you experimenting with a variety of fillings, icings and decorations.

The series of videos included in this course come from a recording of a fun and informative online session hosted by Anneka Manning. An enthusiastic group of bakers baked along with Anneka as she demonstrated and explained step-by-step the technique of making Choux Pastry (Pâte à Choux) and Classic Chocolate Éclairs. The videos also include all of Anneka's practical hints, tips and tricks as well as on-the-spot troubleshooting and invaluable question and answer sessions.

At the end of this course, you will come away not only with new-found confidence but all the knowledge and skill you need to create stunning, mouth-watering eclairs whenever the mood strikes!

How to enrol

Éclairs is now open for enrolment. 



To have someone of Anneka’s calibre virtually in my kitchen was invaluable and well worth the time and cost ... Just enrol and do it. You will not be disappointed.

Carole, online class student



Who is this class suitable for?

This class is, quite simply, suitable for everyone – from beginners to more experienced bakers who want to brush up on their choux and éclair-making skills. As this class is completed online, it is suitable for students from all over the world.

How does a self-paced course work?

This online course is completely self-led. Upon enrolment, you will gain access to all the course content including the videos which you can watch and re-watch as many times as you like. You can log on whenever it is convenient for you and work through the course material at your own pace.

You can take as long as you need to complete the course – it's up to you how quickly you want to work through the content. You will have lifetime access to the videos, recipes and printable resources so you can dip in and out of it whenever it suits you.

There is the option to connect with other bakers via Facebook through BakeClub's exclusive The Kitchen Table membership group and via Instagram using #bakeschoolseclairs. This way you can share your experience and support each other as your confidence and skills grow.

What will I get?
  • Instructional videos and downloadable resources and recipes that will take you through the entire process of making your own éclairs
  • A handy printable template to help guide you when piping your éclairs
  • A thorough understanding of how to make éclairs and how to apply what you’ve learnt to be able to troubleshoot in the future and ensure baking success
  • Lifetime access to the videos and course material
  • Membership to BakeClub's exclusive The Kitchen Table online group to continue asking questions and share your baking
  • Baking confidence, knowledge and skill to use regularly at home
What will I learn?

This class will teach: 

  • Essential equipment needed for eclair making
  • The importance of balancing your ingredients when making choux pastry
  • Making choux pastry by hand and with a stand mixer
  • How to tell when your choux is ready to be piped
  • Piping techniques (including the best piping tips to use) for good-looking, evenly shaped éclairs
  • How to achieve well 'puffed' éclairs
  • Filling options including pastry cream (crème pâtissière), creme diplomat (crème diplomate) and chantilly cream
  • Different techniques for filling your éclairs including both 'hidden' and 'visible' fillings
  • Icing options including chocolate glazes and glacé icings
  • How to get the best glaze finish on your éclairs and decorating inspiration
  • How to store and freeze your éclairs
So, is Éclairs for me?
  • Have you always wanted to bake your own gorgeous and impressive éclairs at home?
  • Would you like to learn a new technique and expand your baking skills?
  • Would you like to be guided and inspired by Anneka's 30+ years of baking experience in your own kitchen?

If any of these sound like you, then this course is the one for you!