Baking Foundations

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Baking Foundations is a fun and engaging self-paced online course that will take you back to the fundamentals of baking.


Anneka's enthusiasm and passion spoke to me and I now feel more confident with my understanding of baking and the actual baking! This course is very well organised and professionally presented...I thoroughly enjoyed each module's information and recipes. I am a fairly competent baker, however I bake the same style of recipes. The Baking Foundations course baked me out of my comfort zone and I thoroughly enjoyed it (as did family and friends!)

Karen, USA

What is Baking Foundations? Watch the video below to find out:

You are invited to Anneka's online kitchen!

Baking Foundations is a self-paced online course that will take you back to the fundamentals of baking – in your own time, at your own pace – all from your own home kitchen! 

With Anneka Manning as your guide, you will learn the essentials of baking in a logical, fun and engaging way. Full of tips, tricks and relevant information – suited to the way we bake today – this course will teach you that success in baking always comes back to the foundations.

Made up of info sheets, videos, recipes, checklists and infographics, the course material will be delivered in six modules which you can study and enjoy at your own pace. The course will cover basic ingredients, equipment and mixing methods, exploring all the little things that you may never have been taught.

At the end of this course, you will walk away with all the skills, knowledge and inspiration you need to bake at home with confidence and success!

Please note: Baking Foundations is an extended version of our Baking Basics online course so we do not recommend it to those who have already completed Baking Basics.

How to enrol

Baking Foundations is a self-paced course and is now open for enrolment. 

Baking Foundations got me cooking things I had previously thought were complicated and out of my league. Learning the simple mixing methods made the techniques of baking much clearer and simpler, and therefore less daunting. I made some great bakes I might not have tackled before because I had assumed they were more complicated than they really were and I now feel more confident with future bakes.

Alison, Melbourne



Who is this course suitable for?

This course is, quite simply, suitable for bakers of all skill levels!

  • Beginners who want to start their baking journey and set strong foundations for their baking forever;
  • Intermediate bakers who would like to strengthen and improve their basic skills and extend their knowledge;
  • And experienced, more competent cooks, who would like to fill in all the baking "gaps" and learn things you may never have been taught (you don't know what you don't know, right?)

As this course is completed online, it is suitable for students from all over the world.

What will I get?
  • Six downloadable course modules which will include invaluable information sheets, videos, recipes, checklists, infographics and much more to support and inspire your learning
  • A thorough understanding of the basics of baking and how to use them to ensure baking success
  • Membership to BakeClub's exclusive The Kitchen Table online group
  • Baking confidence, knowledge and skill to use regularly at home – and the inspiration to get into the kitchen and get baking!
What will I learn?

Each module will include a combination of baking theory and practical exercises. Fun and engaging tasks will help you put into practise what you have learnt while Anneka's fail-safe recipes will inspire you to roll up your sleeves and get baking!

Module 1: Why Do We Bake?
The first module will explore why we bake (or why we should bake!) including the benefits that reach far beyond the kitchen walls. We will take a look at the ‘nasties’ that you will be able to avoid through your home baking, share personal stories and understand that baking is actually all about connecting.

Module 2: The Secrets to Baking Success
During the second module, you will discover the 10 most important things to do before you start baking to ensure you will be on the most efficient road to baking success. You will also learn how to measure accurately and how to get the most from your recipes.

Module 3: The Measure and Mix Method
The third module will explore the Measure and Mix Method – the perfect starting place if you are new to baking or just want to rebuild your baking skills from the ground up.

Module 4: The Baker’s Pantry
The fourth module is all about understanding the basic ingredients most commonly used in baking. Essential to becoming a good baker, you will learn how to use these ingredients to get the most out of them, creating the ultimate baker’s pantry so that you are well equipped for whenever you want to bake.

Module 5: The Measure and Beat Method
In our fifth module, you will learn the Measure and Beat Method. No-fuss, simple and quick, this method requires an electric mixer and is used for recipes with a high proportion of butter and sugar. Why? We’ll answer that during this module where you will also learn how to make the most out of recipes using this method.

Module 6: The Baker’s Kit
Having a carefully selected collection of utensils and equipment will do a lot for your baking confidence and success. Our final module will include a comprehensive guide to oven settings, mixing tools and essential bakeware. 

    Anneka is so knowledgable, you find out so much! I wasn't sure how an online baking course would work but I think you do a fabulous job and it works really well. I really enjoyed the variety of recipes we got to cook and it was very interesting to see how they tied into each lesson. I would recommend Baking Foundations!

    Sue-Anne, Sydney

    How does a self-paced course work?

    This online course is completely self-guided. Upon enrolment, you will gain access to the course content which you can work through at your own pace. You can log on whenever it is convenient for you and complete the modules one day at a time.

    You can take as long as you need to complete the course – it's up to you how quickly you want to work through the content. You will have lifetime access to all the videos, recipes and printable information sheets so you can dip in and out of it whenever it suits you.

    There is the option to connect with other bakers via Facebook through BakeClub's exclusive The Kitchen Table membership group and via Instagram using #bakingfoundations. This way you can share your experience and support each other as your confidence and skills grow.

    So, is Baking Foundations for me?
    • Would you like to extend, strengthen and improve your baking skills?
    • Have you perhaps never considered yourself to be a particularly good baker but you would like to give it a go and see if baking is for you?
    • Would you like to be guided and inspired by Anneka's 30+ years of baking experience in your own kitchen?
    • Do you have more time on your hands at the moment and keen to learn a new skill?

    If any of these sound like you, then Baking Foundations is the course for you!

    The course was great. I have not had that much fun in ages, not because I live a boring life but because I learnt genuine skills and gained confidence in baking that I did not expect. When I come back to the Module 1 question, "Why do I bake?", I can now sincerely respond: I bake for my family successfully but also for me as I get great enjoyment from my skills!

    Nicole, Newcastle


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