Hot Cross Buns

- Online Classes -

Learn to bake the most traditional of Easter breads – just in time for the Easter weekend – in this fun and casual online baking class.

If you are interested in taking part in this class in 2025, please email us to express your interest. 

I had never made Hot Cross Buns as they always seemed too difficult. I always enjoy Anneka's way of teaching – I find I learn so much and I love the way she supports her teachings with the science behind it. I find the live sessions work really well, and I learn so much from them ... being able to ask questions live is such a bonus. This course is a great way to learn something which you think is difficult but Anneka makes it all so simple. Absolutely do it!

Christine, NSW

Learn to bake the most traditional of Easter breads – right in your very own kitchen!

Hot Cross Buns is a fun and casual 2.5-hour LIVE virtual baking class where you will learn to make your own traditional Hot Cross Buns – just in time for the Easter weekend!

Anneka Manning will take you through the process step by step, sharing all of her practical tips and tricks along the way. You will have the ability to bake along with her as well as ask any questions that arise as you mix, knead, prove and shape your dough together throughout the evening. You can either bake your buns immediately or Anneka will share how to prove the dough overnight so it's ready to bake first thing the next morning.

The virtual Live Session will be supported by printable recipes and resources which will become your go-to Hot Cross Bun baking kit every Easter. Anneka will also share a number of recipe variations and some ideas of what to do with leftovers (if there are any!)

At the end of this class, you will come away not only with new-found skills and confidence but a dozen just-baked warm buns ready to smother in butter!


If you are intereseted in taking part in this class in 2025, please email us to express your interest.

Please note: The Live Session will be recorded and available for you to watch afterwards if you are unable to attend, or rewatch it at a later date if you would like to.



Student numbers

We will only be accepting a limited number of bakers for this class so that Anneka can answer your baking questions during the Live Session and provide personal feedback.

I definitely got more than I expected from the class. Easy step-by-step instructions provided by Anneka and the opportunity to ask questions, no matter how 'silly', while making the buns meant I got the best experience possible. It was just perfect. Definitely recommend.

Glynis, Melbourne

Who is this class suitable for?

This class is, quite simply, suitable for everyone – from absolute beginners to more experienced bakers. As this class is completed online, it is suitable for students from all over the world.

What will I get?
  • A 2.5-hour virtual live baking demonstration (which will take place on Zoom and will be recorded) where you will learn and bake along with Anneka Manning through the process of making traditional Hot Cross Buns 
  • Access to Anneka's baking experience, knowledge, tips and tricks, and the ability to ask her any questions that come up during the session
  • A chance to learn surrounded (virtually) by like-minded people
  • A complete guide to traditional Hot Cross Bun baking which you can refer to and use to troubleshoot in the future to ensure baking success year after year
  • Invaluable printable resources and recipes
  • Lifetime access to the live video and course material
  • Membership to BakeClub's exclusive The Kitchen Table online group to continue asking questions and share your baking
  • Baking confidence, knowledge and skill to use regularly at home
How will I get the most out of this class?

To get the most out of this class, you need to set aside the time to attend the Live Session with Anneka and read the support material supplied beforehand. The Live Session will be recorded so it will be available to watch at any time if you are unable to attend. However, we do recommend baking along to get the most out of the class.

What if the dates don't suit me? Can I still enrol in the class?

If the date of this class doesn't work for you, you can still enrol and take part in your own time. While you may miss out on the Live Session, it will be recorded and will be available to watch when it suits you. You will have lifetime access to the video, as well as all the course material (including all of the resources and recipes).

I enjoy Anneka's classes and always learn a lot ... It makes a difference to watch and learn, and be able to ask questions, rather than just read a recipe. It was fun and enjoyable to bake along and have Anneka give feedback. A highlight for me are all the tips and tricks from Anneka ... she is a great teacher ... and her recipe is really good!

Helen, Hong Kong