Preparing Bundt Tins

Preparing Bundt Tins

28 Jun 2021 - BakeClub Team

Q: What’s the best way to prepare a Bundt tin?

Cakes baked in Bundt or fluted ring tins with intricate designs are notorious for sticking if the tin isn’t prepared well – and it can be oh so frustrating! Because these sorts of tins are ones that you can’t line with baking paper, usually a recipe will ask you to grease and then flour your tin to add that extra barrier between the mixture and the tin to help it from sticking.

The traditional way of doing this is to first grease the tin and then dust it with flour. But this can be a little tricky with patches often missed, causing the mixture to stick once baked.

But I have found a far easier, and more effective, way to make sure your cake doesn’t stick. I simply combine both the melted butter and flour and then just brush this mixture over the surface of the tin. 15g butter and 1 teaspoon flour is a good ratio for a standard sized tin and will give your cake a nice golden crust whilst making sure it doesn’t stick!

You need to coat the tin thoroughly but not thickly and also make sure you brush the centre tube and pay special attention to any intricate designs.

And remember, it’s not only Bundt tins that you can use this trick with – you can use it with any tin that requires you to grease and flour it and I always use it when preparing my sponge tins. 

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