Filling a piping bag

Filling a piping bag

29 Oct 2021 - BakeClub Team

Q: What is the easiest way to fill a piping bag?

A: It can be little tricky when filling your piping bag with things like buttercream, choux pastry, and macaron batter as it is often a job you need three hands for!

However, a clever way of filling a piping bag is to place the it, already fitted with a piping nozzle, into a jug (I find a 1L/2pt/4-cup capacity one is a good size) and then folding the top of the piping bag over the lip. This will hold the bag upright and in place, leaving your hands free and making it easy to then fill it with whatever you want to!

Once filled you then just have to unfold the top of the piping bag, give the bag a gentle shake and squeeze any batter or buttercream down towards the piping tip before twisting the end.

Why not try this technique next time you are piping and see how easy it is?

Watch the video of Anneka's answer to this Q&A below: