Cupcake Cases

Cupcake Cases

17 Jul 2018 - Anneka Manning

Q: How do I stop the cupcake paper coming away from the cupcakes once they’re baked?

A: It’s a common problem and condensation and extra moisture are the main reasons that cupcake cases peel away. The excess moisture can be due to a number of common reasons:

1. Under-baking the cupcakes so excess moisture is still held in the them.

2. Standing the baked cupcakes in the tin for too long - as the cupcakes cool steam is released and it is caught in the cases as there is nowhere for it to escape to.

3. Not cooling the cupcakes completely before storing - the steam will create a moist environment in the container.
In addition to this, a high fat content in cupcakes can cause the cases to peel away as they have their own inbuilt non-stick coating.
Also, ill-fitting cases that wrinkle when placed in the pan also tend to peel away due to the excess paper and air spaces. It's worth noting that the better quality the cases the more likely they are to stay on.