ABC Radio Sydney: Portuguese Custard Tarts

ABC Radio Sydney: Portuguese Custard Tarts

25 Jun 2019 - Anneka Manning

Anneka and Barbara Sweeney from Food & Words chatted all about the most loved of pastries – Portuguese Custard Tarts – with Simon Marnie on Weekend Mornings (ABC Radio Sydney) on Sunday 23rd June 2019.

Click here to take a listen and hear a bit about the evolution of these more-ish tarts (and a debate on where in the world you can find the best ones!) Scroll to 1:03:18 to get to the beginning of the interview.

As huge fans of these to-die-for tarts, Barbara and Anneka will be running a collaborative baking workshop BakeStory: Portuguese Custard Tarts on Sunday 30th June 2019. A unique combination of storytelling and baking, this hands-on class will explore the story behind these sweet tarts and their place in the baking pantheon. 

Click here to find out more about the class.


Photography by Alan Benson.