Removing a Cake from a Springform Tin

Removing a Cake from a Springform Tin

28 Jun 2021 - BakeClub Team

Q: What’s the best way to remove a cake from the base of a springform tin?

A: The main reason you use a springform tin with removeable sides is because the cake you are baking can’t be inverted onto a wire rack. Something like a cheesecake, a fragile flourless chocolate cake or a cake with a fruit topping like this one.

There are two main tricks to preparing your springform tin that will make it super easy to remove your cake once it is baked:

1. The first is to make sure you use the base upside down. This will create a base without a lip, creating a flat surface and making removing the cake or cheesecake from the tin so much easier

2. Line the base with a square of baking paper that is about 8cm larger that the diameter of the tin, rather than a round cut to the same size as the base. The paper will stick out around the base but this won’t matter and the extra paper hanging out the sides will not only give you something to help lift the cake off the base once it is baked but will also make removing of the paper from the base of the cake so much easier as you will be able to slide a palette knife easily between the paper and cake to lift it onto a serving plate.

Place the square of paper over the up-turned base of the tin and then clamp the side of the tin around the base, to hold the paper in place.

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