Making Chocolate Curls

Making Chocolate Curls

03 Apr 2018 - Anneka Manning

Simple super to create, chocolate curls make an effective decoration for your cakes, cupcakes and tarts.

A wide block of good-quality milk chocolate works best when making chocolate curls (milk chocolate is less brittle than dark chocolate and is more suited to making curls).

1 Wrap the block in baking paper or foil to protect it from the warmth of your hands while you hold it so it doesn’t melt.

2 Run a vegetable peeler firmly along the length of the block to form curls - the softer the chocolate, the wider the blade and the firmer you press, the larger the curls will be.

3 Have a plate or a piece of baking paper below to catch the curls. Keep in a cool spot or, if it is warm, in the fridge until needed.